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Choosing a mobile phone

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I'm currently looking for a mobile phone which will be good as a camera in its own right but also might make keywording via an app and uploading news easier. Any thoughts or experiences? I've been looking at a Huawei P20 pro of late and am tempted by the current price. Is anyone one using it? I'd be grateful for any advice!


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Yes, thanks for that,  I knew that. I always upload stock from my desktop. It's more a general question as to what phone people use in the field. I currently use a laptop to upload news but I've heard of apps like shuttersnitch which work with apple iphones and ipads. Is their an android alternative that people are using to upload news? It would interest me to hear if many people are using phones or pads to upload news and if so what device they could recommend.

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If you want to submit images taken on a phone - then only an iPhone is acceptable for Stockimo.

Personally, I prefer to submit photos from my "proper" camera - as I get the higher commission rates on Alamy, and only 20% on S


So - If your then asking about using a phone to upload "proper" images to Alamy...... its probably more about the Apps than the phone itself


I use "Cannon Camera Connect" to get the images from my Camera onto the phone via BLE/WiFi

I then use "ShutterSnitch" to add titles and keywords for Live News (or Reportage in my case) submissions


I use an iPhone - and this all works fairly smoothly - once you are used  to the quirks of ShutterSnitch!


Trying to use the Alamy Image Manage on the iPhone is impossible - The formatting of the frames doesn't work at all! - Its OK on an iPad

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