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  1. Forgive the question Rolf but were you actually paid by Alamy for the original sale? I have only ever received money from Alamy if a sale clears. I always thought that if a sale cleared the customer who bought it had paid for it and the matter was closed. If it never clears the possibility of a refund continues to exist? Or am I mistaken? Can a cleared Sale be refunded?
  2. Sorry, but the chances that you will be better off are slim. Unless of course you have hundreds of thousands of images. I think there will be a significant exit from SS but probably not big enough to stop them and other agencies lowering prices.
  3. As far as I'm concerned the emergence of Unsplash, Pixabay etc has further added to the pressure on Microstock. The billions of views and free downloads there show the extent to which some outlets couldn't care less what photo they use as long as its free. To be fair some of the material on Unsplash is good so God knows why photographers put it up there. I believe some use it as a showcase. SS are making a mistake though, we are now so swamped with photos that only top quality or rare material has a real future. What's going on over at SS and on Twitter today is unreal.I can understand that ma
  4. Hi I just wanted to ask if anyone else is having trouble with the download your data button? All I get is "System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at ASP.myupload_metadatadownloadhandler_aspx.Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)". I have been trying for a while now so something is not the way it should be regardless of whether I use Chrome or Firefox. Regards
  5. Fully agree with you, we should be able to set a time limit.
  6. It might mean that and let's hope it will but this is unlikely to be a good development. It's further proof that the subscription / download pack is king and photographers will have to upload more and more photos to achieve decent earnings.
  7. Can you influence whether they are licensed this way? Am I right in thinking deletion would be the only option?
  8. Your reaction is probably one that's becoming more common among stock photographers as the market gets even more bloated ........ why the heck bother. That's the issue for me right now....when will photographers decide to boycott microstock and low prices because it simply makes no financial sense to keep submitting. I too would favour a minimum price which contributors could impose.
  9. 1. To stop submitting if things don't improve in the course of 2020. The general industry trend towards quantity rather than quality as well as the Alamy introduction of the 40% share are taking the good out of the experience. I wouldn't mind 40% if exclusive to Alamy meant an increase in sales but I don't get the impression that is the case. 2. And, to ignore microstock sites. It's the only way to combat falling prices. 3. Finally, to stay positive! Happy New Year!
  10. I agree with much of what you say Autumn Sky but it is becoming difficult to enjoy stock photography given the massive amount of work it increasingly involves. We should all boycott companies offering disrespectful rates which is why I wouldn't submit to IS. The only way companies which pay a decent rate can continue to do so is if we submit to them - and their likes - only. For that reason it's also important that Alamy pushes photos which are exclusive rather than non-exclusive so that it is worth a photographer's while sticking with one firm.
  11. For one thing we can think long and hard about where we send the material we have. The more often photographers supply microstock agencies such as Getty and SS with good breaking news material the more likely the subscription model is to win. To a certain extent photographers can influence the market. What photographers lack is a common strategy but how should freelancers get that without a union? I would love Alamy to do better simply because they do make occasional satisfactory sales for me. However Alamy also make life hard for themselves and for us by turning down news stories which at fi
  12. Yes, thanks for that, I knew that. I always upload stock from my desktop. It's more a general question as to what phone people use in the field. I currently use a laptop to upload news but I've heard of apps like shuttersnitch which work with apple iphones and ipads. Is their an android alternative that people are using to upload news? It would interest me to hear if many people are using phones or pads to upload news and if so what device they could recommend.
  13. Hi I'm currently looking for a mobile phone which will be good as a camera in its own right but also might make keywording via an app and uploading news easier. Any thoughts or experiences? I've been looking at a Huawei P20 pro of late and am tempted by the current price. Is anyone one using it? I'd be grateful for any advice! Liam
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