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Can anyone identify this plant?

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I'm pretty sure it is a Helianthus but without seeing the leaves or knowing how tall it is it's hard to tell which. At any rate it is probably native to my neck of the prairie, so this might help: http://www.illinoiswildflowers.info/prairie/plant_index.htm


Also, plants in gardens don't always grow the way they do out on the prairie where they get beat up by harsh wind, blazing sun and hailstorms.

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Don't know what others actions are but when I take a photo of something I do not know the name of I always look for a notice or label telling me what it is and all about it, or ask someone who appears to work there.. Especially at displays, exhibitions, gardens, zoos, etc.


Granted this does not always work or the information is not readily available but it seems to work 99% of the time.


Pleased you were able to get your answer (pointed in the right direction) on the forum.


Must admit to having used the forum myself in the past to find the answer to a similar question when the information was not readily available or I could not find it by other means.



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