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Can anyone look at my portfolio and provide me advice on how to improve


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Hello All,


I am new here. I have passed QC in Alamy and now I have around 42 images on sale with good or optimized discoverability.


Can anyone look at my portfolio and provide me advice on how to improve?


Any suggestions are welcome.


Thanks In Advance,


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Overall, the photos look a bit dark.  


It might be good to work on the keywords and title a bit. An example: https://www.alamy.com/many-american-white-pelicans-are-standing-near-pond-with-greenery-all-around-image331568707.htm


"many American white pelicans are standing near pond with greenery all around."


I don't know if Alamy uses the title in the search algorithm. But they might, so it's good to be as accurate as possible.


You have three birds. Not 'many'.

White = good

Pelicans - what is their biological name? What variety of pelicans?

Standing - are they? One is. One is preening, one is flapping. One is standing on a branch.

Near - not a great SEO (goolelove) word. Beside is better. 

Pond - what pond? Where is the pond? Tell us about the pond.

Greenery - not something someone would search for. What kind of plants? Tropical, subtropical? Can you identify one of the plants? Are they broadleaf, disidious, coniferous, annuals, perennials, trees, bushes, decorative?


Many of your keywords aren't relevant: Sky, romance, swan... Longterm, this will damage your ability to show up when customers search for images of pelicans. 


Conclusion: beautiful photos. Maybe up the exposure a bit and spend some more time on keywords and titles.


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