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Google and Copyright

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Via a forum on another stock site, I notice that Google now display copyright owner's info - where that information is written into, and retained in, IPTC fields.


Click on your image to view larger, then click the 'Image Credits' link under the image and the relevant IPTC info will pop up - see screenshot below.


Where a photo library chooses to retain and/or incorporate your IPTC info within the image, that info will also show. E.g. :


"Image credits
Credit:Danny Callcut
Copyright:Copyright 2015 Danny Callcut / ***stocklibrary. All Rights Reserved
Information extracted from IPTC Photo Metadata"




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6 hours ago, wiskerke said:

Alamy strips it. Or doesn't include it.




They may strip the original IPTC data we include in the uploaded image, but the images I recently purchased from Alamy contain various IPTC data fields that they have populated.  The screenshot below shows the IPTC data that arrived with my Alamy image W2BEBH. But the low-res images (thumbnails and previews) which appear on Almay.com and hence in Google search results have all the info missing. WHY?? Surely the thumbnails and  previews  should also contain copyright info (especially as the user can simply "Save as..." to take an illegal copy).


I also find it strange that Alamy include our keywords with the purchased images... NB. These weren't included in the files I uploaded.





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1 hour ago, losdemas said:


Yes, I know - as do most of those who licence images and most other agencies.  Shouldn't be allowed.


I've no problem with Alamy removing the original IPTC data (as they have no control over what might be in there) and I'm happy for them to insert a standardised alternative (as they appear to do on the images they provide for download/sale  - apart from my keywords which shouldn't be in there IMHO). But why haven't they inserted IPTC copyright info into the thumbnail and preview images too? While they're at they should include the sRGB profile tag to ensure images are correctly rendered.



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