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Cherry on top of an already disastrous month is this ever lowest sale I made so far with Alamy. Anyway, as Vivien Leigh said "After all, tomorrow is another day" :D


Country: Worldwide
Usage: Student Projects, For non-commercial use in projects such as dissertations, presentations or essays.
Industry sector: Education
Image Size: Any size
Start: 29 June 2019
Duration: In perpetuity

$ 0.99



Travel Photographer

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14 minutes ago, Robert M Estall said:

I had one of those a few months ago. I guess if it starts students on the path of paying something and obtaining a license at the beginning of a career then there is some hope they won't go on to become serial copyright offenders.


I love an optimist...

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Had one of these last week .... any size, in perpetuity ??? Not even the price of a pot noodle for a student, no surprise they are laughing all the way to the student union bar !!

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....laughing all the way with their average student debt of some £40,000. If they're lucky, they'll get a job where they actually earn enough to start paying it off. Three years after getting a Masters in Psychology my daughter still hasn't reached the repayment threshold, even with a full-time managerial job.


I haven't had such a sale yet, but I like to think I would not  begrudge a small licence fee if it's a genuine student usage. Anyway, we/Alamy have bigger fish to fry with too many unreported usages, straightforward image theft and personal use licences which are almost certainly anything but.

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