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video clips does Alamy hold such as well as photos else who does ?

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It would seem a logical follow on to also treat video clips in the same way as photos. I dont see mention of this type of 'stock' . Has Alamy plans for this or if not where can I place video clips that I have to be sold in the same manner as photos ?



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Alamy isn't open to video submissions. They dabbled briefly, taking submissions from well established collections and these are still available, but no new contributors are accepted


You will find that this has been discussed on a few occasoins on the forum. almost all questions asked by new contributors have been answered before, either here or on the Alamy blog.  You will find in valuable to read extensively in the forum, often finding the answer to questions you didn't even know you had to ask. Use the search function to find answers to specific topics or just browse the long list of threads for insights from seasoned contributors, some of whom were engaged in professional  photography when I was still in nappies. Happy shooting.



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