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Hello from Japan! (And a Question)


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I'm sort of new.... I am an American based in Japan. I actually created an account and did an initial upload about 3 years ago, but other aspects of life took priority and I didn't upload any more at that time. I finally decided to get a little more serious about it a short while ago, and I've been uploading a lot more regularly in recent weeks. My images have been getting viewed, and while I looking at the reports, I saw the tag [LU] on a few of the items. I'm curious what that means.


For example:

Yoyogi park, Harajuku [LU]

Tsukiji Fish market [RF] [LU]


I know what RF means, because I see the keyword list on the right.


RM - Rights Managed
RF - Royalty-Free
PR - Property Released
MR - Model Released
Land - Landscape
Pt - Portrait
Pan - Panoramic
Sq - Square
C - Creative
WP - With People
WOP - Without People
DT - Date Taken
AE - Archive Excluded
FS - File Size
PH - Photograph
IL - Illustration

CO - Cut Outs


But what is LU?


I look forward to being a more active participant in the Alamy community, and look forward to hearing from you!

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Thanks! I wonder... I think the images I've put up in those categories had people without releases, so they would be editorial only... but why would a potential customer be looking for photos with limited use?

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