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Network Protocol Error

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This problem has been going on for some weeks now on both the forum and the main Alamy site.


Click on a link and nothing happens for two or three minutes then a Network Protocol error is Displayed.


Then you have to close the browser and login again enduring the hated recaptcha to do it.


Alamy - it seems to me your network is in urgent need of fixing!

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In accessing Alamy and the Alamy forum from the UK I have never encountered that problem and all seems to be running smoothly from where I stand, with the exception that occasionally there is a pause of a few seconds after clicking a link on the Alamy site. Has anybody else reported this problem? What browser, computer type and internet connection are you using?   

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It may help to change the DNS server in your network connection settings.  It has worked well for me.  I am not sure the Google dns server it will work in the UK but there may be other alternatives for your locale.


This article explains it pretty well.


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Thanks for the suggestion Johnnie. For the moment the problem has gone away - as suddenly as it appeared. Perhaps someone changed something somwhere. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Interestingly the numer of "slow upload" reports seems to have dropped too.

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