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Changing the order in which Galleries appear on my Portfolio Page

Sheila Child

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Is it possible to set the order in which Galleries appear on your Portfolio Home Page?

Here is mine:  https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/sheilachild

The first gallery is owls, then sugar gliders, then raptors, then frogs etc.  I would like to be able to change this order.  If I can, can somebody please tell me how to do it.  If I can't then can Alamy please think about finding a way that I can?  Had I known that the Galleries would appear in the order in which I created them, then I would have most likely thought more carefully about that before I created my page. 

Please could Alamy look at this and find a solution?  Most web page design tools let you set the order in which things will appear on the page.  It would seem to be a fairly simple fix for Alamy to introduce.  Hopefully they will.




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I have not had any response from Alamy about this and it is nearly three months since I posted this question.  It is still an issue.  Also, when anybody clicks on the link that I send them, to direct them to my portfolio page, the first page that is displayed is the last gallery I created.  Because it is the last one, it is not the one which (I think) shows off my best work.  Why does it not come up with All Images as the first page?  This is areal problem and one which I think deserves some attention by Alamy. 

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Hi Sheila


Thanks for your suggestion.


This is in the queue for improvements to the portfolio page. As you see with the continuous AIM improvements, we do get round to doing these.




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It is good to hear that Alamy are going to get around to this - eventually.  It surely is not a difficult bit of coding - you just put a sort order next the gallery heading and that determines the order in which the galleries are displayed.  Sort order function was around in the old days when I used to write databases in Access and SQL in the 1980s.  Come on Almay, drag yourself into the 21st century.

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