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  1. Thanks Jools and CrowingHen. I will certainly look into the very sensible suggestions you make. Sheila
  2. Thanks for the advice. I think I will look into hiring for this one session and take it from there. The presentation will be to a small group, in a church so nothing too fancy will be required. The October date was chosen over April so as to try and get as dark a room as possible so I should be OK on that front. Thanks again.
  3. I am looking for advice on a sensibly priced data projector to buy. I have had a quick look online and I have no idea what all the specification features mean at all. When I was in academia, these things just appeared, we plugged our laptops or USB drives into them and lo and behold they all worked. I never needed to know how or why. I have been asked to do a presentation of my images, not until October next year so there is no immediate rush but I will need a projector. This may, or may not, of course, lead to other requests but at the moment, I don't anticipate there being a stampede !! . I would only be using Power Point to prepare the presentation and that would be fed through my Sony Vaio laptop. I don't need anything to run wirelessly, just be able to project the Power Point presentation onto a normal sized projector screen. There seems to be a plethora of options ranging in price from under £100 to several thousands. An alternative might be to hire one but again, I have no idea where to start or if indeed this is possible in the UK. Any advice or suggestions gratefully received.
  4. It is good to hear that Alamy are going to get around to this - eventually. It surely is not a difficult bit of coding - you just put a sort order next the gallery heading and that determines the order in which the galleries are displayed. Sort order function was around in the old days when I used to write databases in Access and SQL in the 1980s. Come on Almay, drag yourself into the 21st century.
  5. I have not had any response from Alamy about this and it is nearly three months since I posted this question. It is still an issue. Also, when anybody clicks on the link that I send them, to direct them to my portfolio page, the first page that is displayed is the last gallery I created. Because it is the last one, it is not the one which (I think) shows off my best work. Why does it not come up with All Images as the first page? This is areal problem and one which I think deserves some attention by Alamy.
  6. Thanks WIM,. I had thought of doing something like that by sending a link to my portfolio page and referencing our previous conversation. Now I think that I will take a more direct route and make direct contact. Thanks for the trending, topic and quality advice too. - much appreciated. Sheila
  7. Thanks for your comments Phil and Ian. From the first few pages of your Alamy listings I can see that you are both quite interested in politics and people. Nothing wrong with that at all but I have shied away from people pictures for two reasons: a) There are plenty of pros out there who are very good at this, much better than me and b) I really can't be bothered getting release forms. Mini-creatures, owls and other wildlife are delightfully free of this paperwork. I do take on board your recommendations for captioning though and you both echo the views of NYCat and VbFolly. I can see from the way all four of you have captioned your images that I need to do more - and I will. As for target audience - my dream is to get an image, just one image, in the Natural History Museum's member magazine. The editor said that they use Alamy "a lot" for such purposes and that conversation was one of the reasons, along with a recommendation from the man who taught me microphotography, to go with Alamy. I guess publications such as that, would be my main target audience. I can also see some of my animal images on notebooks, t-shirts and the like but who knows how that industry source their images. I doubt that the newspapers would be remotely interested unless they just happen to see something they like. I see items and images carrying an Alamy or Alamy Live credit occasionally in The Daily Telegraph. No idea who the photography might be because that never seems to be included. Thanks again for your constructive comments. Your time is much appreciated. Sheila
  8. Thanks for the compliment VbFolly. I will do as you suggest. I thought that putting the scientific name in the tags was enough but clearly not. The same goes for location. I will add those details to the caption. Thanks too NYCat aka Paulette. Some animals are in the wild, but most are captive in some way shape or form, typically Safari Park rather than a zoo for the big guys. There is always something wrong with the background in zoos. I have never made any claims that the animals are all in their natural habitats. I am too fond of my home comforts and bank balance to go chasing creatures, big or small, in the wild. Too old for safari tents I'm afraid. I do understand that not everything is easy to sell but I take pictures of things that I like to take pictures of really, rather than seeing this as an income stream. If any income comes as a result of being on Alamy then great, but it is not my prime objective. If just one image sold I would be thrilled and it would be a red-letter day if I got over the $50 threshold. I will however, do what I can, as you both have suggested, to improve the chances of that happening so again, advice much appreciated. I submitted one of my Harvest Mouse pictures for a 2019 calendar competition and it was picked - RA0MDP. At lest I have had one success recently but that was before my Alamy venture. Thanks again for your comments. Sheila
  9. I have not been on Alamy long and would appreciate some constructive critique. My portfolio page is here: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/sheilachild There are 595 images so far under the All Images gallery but if you have a specific interest, I have created 18 separate galleries named: Owls Sugar Gliders Raptors Frogs Geckos and Lizards Mantis Beetles Butterflies Harvest Mouse Chameleon Millipede Still Life Wildlife Fungi Microphotography Landscapes Buildings Waterscapes I await comments with interest. Sheila
  10. Hi Chris, I clicked on the link you provided and it went straight to a Shutterstock sign up page. Is that right? Sheila
  11. Is it possible to set the order in which Galleries appear on your Portfolio Home Page? Here is mine: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/sheilachild The first gallery is owls, then sugar gliders, then raptors, then frogs etc. I would like to be able to change this order. If I can, can somebody please tell me how to do it. If I can't then can Alamy please think about finding a way that I can? Had I known that the Galleries would appear in the order in which I created them, then I would have most likely thought more carefully about that before I created my page. Please could Alamy look at this and find a solution? Most web page design tools let you set the order in which things will appear on the page. It would seem to be a fairly simple fix for Alamy to introduce. Hopefully they will. Thanks Sheila
  12. Thanks Stephen. Hopefully Alamy will notice this thread and do something about it. Had I known that the galleries would appear in the order in which I create them, I would have most likely thought more about that before I started. Best regards Sheila
  13. Is it possible to set the order in which Galleries appear on your Portfolio Home Page? Here is mine: https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/sheilachild The first gallery is owls, then sugar gliders, then raptors, then frogs etc. I would like to be able to change this order. If I can, can somebody please tell me how to do it. If I can't then can Alamy please think about finding a way that I can? Thanks Sheila
  14. Can we talk about this and other technical annoyances at the next Cambridge meeting I wonder? On the basis that more heads are better than one we (I, at least) may find some answers.
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