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  1. Sort Order in All Images (AIM)

    Thanks wim but I don't know how many times I need to say this - recent images are not appearing as you suggest and My Portfolio is certainly not doing what it says on the tin - quite the opposite. I have about five images I have moved to the top so I can easily see that the new ones are not there but randomly placed. This is not rocket science so why won't it work properly? I am on IE. Could that be the problem? I can switch to Chrome but I am used to IE so would prefer not to. I can reset order in All Images to show recently uploaded, but as I have said before, is that easily, one click, reversible? Until I know it is, I am loath to change things. Sheila
  2. Sort Order in All Images (AIM)

    Thanks. Always good to get a nod from like minded folks.
  3. Sort Order in All Images (AIM)

    Well I left things for a good 48 hours and nothing has changed. My recent uploads simply do not appear at the top of the All Images page. They are randomly placed throughout all my pages in All Images and it takes an age to find them. Can anybody recommend who I should contact to find out why this is not working for me? According to the instructions, it should be. An improvement which Alamy could think about is to allow all of your Gallery Headings to appear on your home page, rather than for some to be demoted to the "More" tab. There seems to be no way you can prioritise which ones you want to be showing either. The sort order seems to be the date you created the gallery and not a great deal more than that. I am also having trouble loading a header image. I have tried several times to select an image from All Images but after 10 minutes of waiting on each occasion, I just had to cancel it. The image never seems to load. Please can anybody tell me if I am doing something wrong? A final point. Why when you go to All Images, does it not tell you which ones you have placed in a gallery and which ones are still be curated? If you curate a gallery then All Images tells you what is in there but that does not work solely for All Images. It surely should be possible to do this and would help to avoid missing any, especially when recent uploads seem to appear randomly on any All Images page. Thanks Sheila
  4. Sort Order in All Images (AIM)

    OK - I will leave it for a while and look again, but as these images are already in the All Images section, placed randomly on Pages 2 and 3 of My Portfolio, I can't quite see how, or why they will suddenly move to the top of Page 1. We will see. The instructions on how to curate your pages says "Your first page will automatically be displayed with your most recent uploads at the top, but you can curate this." This clearly is not happening so do Alamy need to look at this? Is it a bug in the system? Are any other contributors experiencing this issue I wonder? If so, then it clearly does need to be looked at. Thank anyway Sheila
  5. Sort Order in All Images (AIM)

    Yes Sally, I did mean my Portfolio - again - I am new, so please forgive this error. I will get the hang of it eventually. I have not yet shared my portfolio so it is still WIP but I have viewed it as public and nothing much changes, image wise, from the view I get as a contributor. I'm still not seeing my recent uploads (after they have gone through QC and I have put them on sale of course) on the opening page of All Images so I am a bit lost. Any advice from anybody please? Sheila
  6. Being fairly new to Alamy, I am still finding my way around. I am quite happy with AIM and it seems to work well so far. When trying to sort images though, there are a few in my collection that I want to be near the top of the All Images section so I have moved them there. Then, when I upload more images and am trying to curate them into galleries, they appear fairly randomly within what is now three pages of images. I am quite happy for the All Images section to be random because the galleries group the images nicely. But, if I reset the All Images order to "recent", I am hoping that this will put the most recently uploaded images to the top of page 1 which would make them easier to find and then curate into galleries. Am I right in assuming this? If this is the case, can I then simply return the All Images order to what it was before I reset it to "recent"? I have not tried this yet because I don't want to do anything which I can't reverse with one click of the mouse. Advice welcome Thanks Sheila
  7. Image Rejection on Upload

    Hi there, Yes, when I looked at the pixel sizes, I too was below the minimum through cropping. I now know what not to do and I now understand fully why people use these long lens to get a full frame close-up image rather than cropping down from a bigger one. Every day is a school day isnlt it? Thanks for your valuable and informative feedback. Sheila
  8. Ensuring Alamy Exclusivity

    Thanks starsphinx. I went with clikpic many moons ago when they invited me to be one of their first 10 contributors. At that time, my husband was involved in start-up support and they saw some of my B/W images which they liked. They were all 35mm film so no good for today's upload market without all the camera data, minimum pixels etc. I know nothing about web design and, if I am honest, was flattered by the invitation. Their template system was OK for me but it did take time to learn. It was far from intuitive. I have been with them ever since but, as you say, I have got increasingly frustrated at their lack of willingness to move with the times. They have only just gone over to a mobile friendly platform!! I will look into moving it but for the immediate future, I am now thinking that sticking with the Alamy portfolio page will be the best way to go forward,. When that is ready I will have more time to either take it down or move it elsewhere. Thanks again for your time and advice. Sheila
  9. Image Rejection on Upload

    Thanks Keith for your advice. I will check the pixels size. Thanks also spacecadet but I was quoting the exact error message which said the original JPEG had to be between 3-5MB. Everything else has gone through at those sizes OK. It is not critical - I was just curious as to why some went through OK and some didn't. Than you very much Paulette for your valuable advice. I will do exactly as you suggest and try to improve the tagging. You are not being intrusive at all - you are being helpful and as i am new to this game, I appreciate that. Please don't hesitate to offer more advice if you think it is warranted. Thanks again for your encouragement. Sheila
  10. Ensuring Alamy Exclusivity

    Thanks for your replies. My website is hosted by clikpic and they have again confirmed they won't disable right click. I am not selling images directly from the website and as Mark suggests, I will use the Alamy portfolio page when I have completed uploading. It looks as if that will be the future track for me. Thanks also spacecadet. I understand they are not "registered" - that is why I punctuated the word in that way, but it adds to the impression that any wrong-doing by image thieves may well be discovered. Thanks again for your help. Sheila
  11. Having recently become an Alamy contributor I was pleased to learn that I can retain my own website. However, I asked Alamy whether they could give me some wording for the Permissions Page to alert potential image stealers that they were "registered" with Alamy and to direct them to Alamy should they wish to make a purchase. Alamy could not help and suggested I ask other contributors via the forum to find out what they do. My website host flatly refuses to disable right click actions and I can;t understand why. The only actions associated with right click on an image is to allow people to copy, download and use it for unauthorised/unpaid purposes. I am wondering what I need to do. All of my images on my website are showing a copyright symbol and name and I can add the website host name as a watermark but not only does that look awful, but I would have to reload all of my images, numbering some 500. Not a task I am really wanting to take on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sheila
  12. I have been uploading a number of images, all but seven have been accepted on upload. The error message is that the image is too small and the JPEG size should be between 3-5 MB. These images are sized at 5.15, 3.20, 3.37, 3.89, 4.75, 3/47 and 4.91 respectively. Can anybody tell me why they have been rejected because they all seem to be correctly sized. Many thanks Sheila