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Cleaning up my Portfolio



Thanks in advance for any advice or help.


Based on a thread in the other forum, I need to do some spring cleaning to my portfolio. 

  • To many similar images
  • Caption
  • Keywords

What I am hoping is that I can do this in bulk of some form. Ideally, can I search all my images using a keyword and have them show up in the keyboarding too? How?

If not, what method would you recommend? 

Where do I delete similar or duplicate images?


On animals and flower, scientific name or not?


Thanks ahead of time,





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You delete duplicate or similar images in the Optional pane, right side above the keyword list.


Always use the scientific name if at all possible (pretty much will be possible for mammals, birds, larger and more common reptiles, and Google Image search may help with insects and spider and such that have thousands of species.

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