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Removing failed batches

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I've got a couple of failed batches from when I was so eager to upload that I didn't check carefully enough for sensor spots, they're from way back in, well, August. Is there a way to get rid of them or do they have to stay there as a painful reminder of my shameful past?


I also notice that these images come down in the new csv export which is confusing since there is nothing in the csv to identify them as such.

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7 minutes ago, Niels Quist said:

The only way is to use the quality control filter in AIM


Yes, thanks, in fact they're not much of a problem in the AIM apart from the fact that I can't see that it serves any purpose to have them there. I think that down the line when people start using the csv download in earnest then it might become a problem because there is nothing to indicate on the download that these images are part of a failed batch. This means that they appear twice (assuming that you've successfully re-uploaded them) but without careful checking in AIM you don't know which is the live one and so which captions and tags etc. might need attention.


I've already asked, along with someone else on the forum, for the csv to have a column with the batch name/number, in which case this problem would go away but personally I think that the csv download needn't include failed batches.

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