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How do you replace an image already on sale?

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Wondering how to replace an image that`s already listed for sale.  I`m not happy with a particular image and would replace it with an edited version.  Anyway to do this?

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2 hours ago, ReeRay said:

First upload the amended image and pass QC. Then contact contributors@alamy.com and tell them to delete the original and provide them with the Alamy ref. numbers for both, i.e. "i would like ref no 1234 removed as I have replaced it with ref no 5678"

Thanks so much, ReeRay!

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10 hours ago, Niels Quist said:

If it is not a brand new image  you want to replace, it sometimes is a good idea to include the old image id in the key words of the new image. There may have been searches.

Good thought, Niels... thanks!

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