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Live News - where are my images sold?

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Over the past year or two, I’ve been selling Live News and news-y sorts of photographs (royalty, politics, that sort of stuff).


A lot of my sales detail newspapers and magazines, and as a student photographer, it would be awesome to buy (or at least SEE) copies of the newspapers and magazines that have used my photographs to keep cuttings for keepsake/ my portfolio. But I have no clue where to find them?


When I emailed Alamy Contributors team about it a few months ago, they said they couldn’t tell me due to “client confidentiality”, which is slightly annoying given a national newspaper using an image publicly isn’t really...confidential?


Does anyone have any clue how to find which papers/ magazines use your images?


Here are a few notable images that have sold repeatedly to mags and papers:


Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle:



Cast of new ITV show on set:



Environment Secretary Michael Gove speech:



Thank you, all!


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Hi Benjamin

the postings are correct.  It is not possible to identify all news sale outputs.  I sell a fair few news images every month I can only source about a third.  I run regular google searches “ian davidson Alamy” -alamy.com (excludes Alamy database). I also find that running a google search on the subject and my name works.  For example I covered the disorder in Whitehall yesterday during the Kashmir protest, so I search “Kashmir ian davidson”. You will get lots of false positives but I have picked up a lot of my work using these approaches.  


The people who who run the “images found in... “. In this forum Do a really excellent job and it is worth checking frequently (as well as being an excellent guide to what is actually selling).


However a a lot of published work is not credited   My “high” was a Sun front page photo - it was Not credited but Alamy sent me a note.  Photos in print will not show up on an online search so it is all a bit hit and miss.  It may be possible to use a cuttings agency if it is really important to you but these are expensive and will still miss uncredited.


best of luck


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