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I just posted this on the 'suggestions'  forum: 

"Now that Alamy is making a clearer distinction of images available only here, it only makes sense, imo, to have that information available on the sales page.  Is work being done to make this improvement?"


If "available only on Alamy" has any worth at all in promoting sales, it needs to be included in data about the image.  If Alamy doesn't make that improvement, it may indicate that they don't believe that it does.  It could also mean that they would rather discourage those sales, because of the higher commission paid to us.  Let us hope that is not the case.



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54 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

Exclusivity is just an incentive for contributors. It's nothing to do with marketing.

But as John says, Alamy couldn't safely offer it.


That is my impression too -- i.e. it's an incentive for contributors (and something of an olive branch after the big commission kerfuffle). In order to market images as exclusive, Alamy would have to offer a separate, iron-clad "exclusive" contract to contributors, as some other agencies do. Basing exclusivity marketing on what is essentially an honour system would be too risky. Actually, since most big agencies now have worldwide partnership networks, it's difficult for me to understand how any of them could realistically offer images as exclusive, even if they have contractual agreements with contributors. However, I'm probably missing something. Things have gotten way too complicated for my ageing analog brain. B)

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