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Hi All

brand new here - basically joined as an outlet for my non-commissioned work most of which normally gets posted to social media then I forget about it until someone wants to use it for something - thought I would join here and then I can just point them (usually local paper) to Alamy to buy the images they want and save me the hassle of dealing with them - though I know this means I'll earn less from them maybe some other people might want some too to offset them etc and it will hopefully just be less hassle.


Anyway my question is this - should I be ticking Exclusive to Alamy? My images are so far as sales are concerned but I wasn't sure if this precludes me posting them to social media? Or would it only preclude that if I were trying to sell them via social media rather than just showing them?

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Ticking the box 'Exclusive to Alamy' means the image (and anything you have shot  which is very similar to it) is only available though Alamy, not through any other agency - though you can place such images on print on demand sites, as long as they don't offer a download licencing option.  The difference it makes at this precise moment in time is none. However, when the revised contracts come into force (sometime in February 2019) then images which are exclusive to Alamy will get a 50% cut of the sale price. Images which are not exclusive will only get a 40% cut. You will find a lot more discussion about the issue in the thread pinned to the top of the Ask the Forum section.


There is quite often confusion between the 'Exclusive to Alamy' tick box and the odd occasions where a client asks for exclusive use of an image, which prevents that image being licensed to another client for a determined period. Image/client exclusivity is not too common and you would be contacted by Alamy to ask if it was possible. Such a usage would normally command a larger licence fee than normal. 



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You'll find that a lot of the LiveNews photographers are using social media (Twitter in particular) to highlight/promote their work, often tagging in the pic desks at the  national papers as they do so





twitter : @keithmorrisaber

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