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After reading through the Forum the last couple of days (yes the trust is gone!), I saw a lot of mentioning that personal use was tied up with distribution sales. So when one would restrict ones images for PU, one would also loose the distribution sales... Not true!

I asked MS yesterday and they confirmed that this is no longer the case, so one can easily restrict all images from PU now without loosing the distribution sales.


Hi Arthur,


Restricting your images for personal use no longer opts your images out of the distribution pool. The distributors can choose not to accept them, but this is rare, so you can restrict your images and still be included in distribution.






Have a great weekend all.

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I really cannot see the point in restricting PU when the other PU (presentation use) is still available.

Contributors that have done so are reporting an upsurge in this use. we need to be able to opt out of both to have any effect.

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