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  1. After reading through the Forum the last couple of days (yes the trust is gone!), I saw a lot of mentioning that personal use was tied up with distribution sales. So when one would restrict ones images for PU, one would also loose the distribution sales... Not true! I asked MS yesterday and they confirmed that this is no longer the case, so one can easily restrict all images from PU now without loosing the distribution sales. <quote> Hi Arthur, Restricting your images for personal use no longer opts your images out of the distribution pool. The distributors can cho
  2. Anyone only keywords the 'Essential KWs'?? And nothing else! Thinking of redoing mine this way... as it is cr@p at this point... Cheers, A
  3. Uploaded a batch of 45 on Saturday evening... half of this batch was rated yesterday evening (48h), the other half still sits there and waits! Must be something with the amount I am uploading; that seems to give them a longer waiting time. :-/
  4. I see the turn arround times up in 30 hours or more now every day... before some images where online in 5-10 hours, but I have not seen that happening for a couple of months now...
  5. Hi, anyone want to share their Stockimo sales average / low / high mine: $32,50 / $1,59 / $122,68 Update (13/07): $23,57 / $0,12 (SS-Sales) /$122,68 /Arthur
  6. Hi, How high is the percentage of perfect scores (4/4) you got so far from the Stockimo rating team? Mine 0,97% /1436 images /Arthur
  7. Hi, anyone found any correlation between her/his Stockimo sales and the rating they have got from the Stockimo team so long? The images I sold scored from 2.3 to 3.3...(completely random) None of my perfect scores so long and even none of my 3.7s /Arthur
  8. In the original edition, yes, but not the new edition, I don't think. Alamy apparently thinks differently, but if they're right, what are the dates for? Good question... not clear to me at all! I have a question standing out with MS.
  9. The Photo will never be legally theirs... they bought themselves a licence for use. And the image was RM, like all my images at Alamy.
  10. In 2007 I Alamy licenced one of my (bird) images for the use in an almanac on birdlife... So far so good. The licence however was isued in 2007 with a license period from Start: 31 August 2007 to End: 31 August 2010. Recently I found the image being use in a book (apparently the same book, but reprint/rerun). I asked Alamy MS about it and they said that it falls under the license from 2007... the funny thing though is that that license was issued until august 2010 and the book we are talking about did not hit the shelfs before 2011... Am I being ridiculous in thinking that this should have
  11. And so I got paid for this use... I will end up with a grand total of... $1.60 The disturbing part though is that I needed to chase this (third party) sale myself, and that they now gave out a 1 year licence from the first of Febr this year for an image that has been used since February 2014... Can somebody by the way explain me how this works... Start: 01 February 2016 End: 01 February 2021 Duration: 1 year How can a license have a duration of one year.. start in 2016 and end in 2021??? Mmm, it is a good thing that for me this is just a hobby... but I can see how this is really frust
  12. I got a reply from MS today stating: "We've just heard back from our Distribution team and the usage of your image AR7T92 will be billed in March." We are talking about an image used in febr. 2014 here... so nice that they, after some encouragement from my side, now are willing to pay what they owe next month, more then 2 years after the fact... will be excited to see how much I will earn on this use... maybe $ 1,50. Not negative, just a realist! Not liking much the this business is developing... I think I have found 5 none paid for images this last year. And this is not infringements,
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