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Pantone Colour Trends....

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.. does anyone care about it?


Am I the only skeptic that thinks this is just some marketing from Pantone that somehow gets hyped up? Or do people find that it actually makes a difference?

Just curious as I see photography agencies get excited about it and I just don't get it!

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There is always be a trend for everything. For some reason, people follow trends for hair color, interior color combinations, colors in web design, and for many other things. Pantone just promotes their system by getting involved. If there are trends - it means people care. Not sure what you mean by, "agencies get excited" and how Pantone colors are related to photography at all.

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Presumably it applies more to commerical than editorial, as you have much more choice in which colours you use.

I'm not sure how much the trend colour has to be absolutely exact. Though I wouldn't keyword it as such if it wasn't, which I've seen others say they'd do.

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