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What is current Firmware Version Sony RX100 M6

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Thanks Wim


I notice that the out of focus areas in images appear a bit 'plasticky' especially where there is a lot of detail ie,  foliage, brickwork etc.  I don't get that problem with the M3.  (I shoot RAW only).


I wondered if there had been a firmware update since my camera was manufactured.  I also wondered if it was a RAW convertor problem with Photoshop.  I'll shoot some JPEG images and see if the 'problem' is still there.



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I have not found a way to un-cook the RAW in Photoshop yet. So you will always have a corrected RAW. It quite heavily corrects distortion of the lens, which is visible at the wide end in the corners and on the edges. The graininess is more pronounced there also because there's some sharpening going on. CA is very well suppressed, that may lead to some smearing. Initially I could see all the distortion and de-centering that was going on, but not anymore. Everything is now being corrected before it even gets displayed in every editor I have. There's quite bit -very uneven- vignetting at the wide end of my M6, but the built in profile corrects all. Which is good, because it speeds things up. However my M5 is much cleaner in the corners at the wide end.




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