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Found 10 results

  1. My RX100 M6 is showing version 1.0. Can anyone tell me if this is current as I can't find it on the Sony website. John
  2. Just wondering if any of you have opted for the RX100 M6 yet and if so, what's your verdict so far? I've been using the RX100 cameras for a number of years now and nearly all of my 5000+ Alamy images were taken with them. Second question - which version of Elements has RAW support for the M6 yet (if any ) ? John
  3. I know the Sony RX100 is much loved by a good number of Alamy contributors. I wonder if any have used its video capability to contribute stock footage clips here or elsewhere? I'm particularly interested in its 4K video resolution facility which is available from the Mk 3 onwards. I am also curious to know how well the built in ND filter performs. The bane of my life using my Canon DSLR to shoot video is that I frequently have to use external ND filters to get the shutter speed down to 1/50 when shooting in daylight, unless it is cloudy. Does the RX100 built-in ND filter make shooting video with a 1/50 shutter speed possible in sunlight? Any other comments on the value of the RX100 to the budget-conscious stock videographer would also be welcome.
  4. I've just passed the 5000 images milestone. At least 95% were taken on a Sony RX100 M1 or more recently a secondhand Sony RX100 M3. I have no other photographic equipment and just use Adobe Elements 14 for editing. Most were taken on days out/holidays which is where the small Sony comes into it's own. I can snap away while out with family and friends without disrupting the day or appearing rude. Anyone considering one of these cameras should look at my portfolio by clicking on the total images figure on the right. Stock photography on a shoestring maybe, but I have sales every month which are a useful boost to my state pension. John
  5. Just thought I'd say Thanks, I've wanted a small camera for ages that had good quality and after finally buying the RX100 mk3 and taken a few shots, it is exactly the type of small pocket style camera, I've been after, perfect for when I don't want to carry my Nikon. So thanks for those who have recommended it, obviously their are some things it won't do, but it's pretty impressive, from a few test shots I've taken so far and as I've just been told, my small batch have passed quality control, I'm looking forward to taking more photos with it, when out and about on my bike and stuff. Ta Chris
  6. Hi is anyone still using sony RX100 mk 1 in 2017? Does is still pass the QA with Alamy? I am interested in both extremes, the wide end at aperture wide open, and long end with apperture wide open. I am considering a purchase. Thank you.
  7. I read with interest the thread started by efk11, because I too have been blacklisted too. My last QC failure was on 1st February 2016. Since the new AIM came in I have always had 3* QC rating. Since my last failure, I have made 191 uploads totalling 2406 passed images. Now I have 1* QC rating and a ten day ban. Now the interesting bit, what failed? An image from “Digital Camera not suitable for Alamy” The camera in question is a Sony RX100iii. I will no longer use it, or its big brother the RX10 for Alamy. Just a warning to anyone using RX10 or RX100 cameras – beware!
  8. Could someone please PM me the FTP settings for live news uploads, (struggling with paths, but may have outdated settings). I am too impatient waiting for a reply from contributor services. I'm hoping to improve my workflow using a nexus tablet and images from my new Sony RX100 MK3. Thanks.
  9. Hello All I am trying to configure my RX100 M3's memory recall options and was hoping for some feedback. I was thinking of setting up M1 for walkabout, quick access opportunistic settings: shutter priority Shutter speed:1/320 (I think this is fast enough for most outdoor situations, though I have also read that 1/250 should be capable of handling most movement) Quality: RAW+JPEG ISO: 400 (hopefully this isn't going to result in anything too noisy) Drive Mode: continuous Focus mode: continuous AF - ( I would want to be able to refocus on any moving target) white balance: daylight metering mode: not sure - wouldnt center metering be more appropriate? aspect ratio: 4:3 (I am still not 100% sure about this, but my impression is that 3:2 is preferred for landscapes....) or is this more relevant for how the image will be viewed (as in on a monitor / tv screen). Is aspect ratio only relevant for output? A note I found earlier states: ============== For M2 I was hoping to reserve for landscape / architecture aperture priority Aperture : F5.6 Quality: RAW+JPEG ISO: 125 Aspect ratio : 3:2 (?) white balance: daylight Focus mode: single shot AF metering mode: multi One doubt I have, is that setting the memory recall isn't 100% necessary since the SCN mode can help you quickly set up the right configuration for any number of situations. (Mark C helpfully shared a link with me where some respected contributors to Alamy were even saying they just stayed on AUTO for their photography). Since the RX100 is packed with presets to help you in most situations (and which we have paid for), is it not better to just flick over to SCN mode and find the right setting for your situation? Thanks, David.
  10. I have now had my RX100 for six months so I now have an informed opinion of it to share: It is a very small and inconspicuous camera easy to carry everywhere all the time. In the six months I have uploaded 696 images to Alamy of which 454 or 65% were taken using the RX100. They say the best camera is the one you have with you. I took some time to decide to buy the camera as I had never before had one without any kind of eye level VF and found rear screens unusable in any kind of bright light. In fact the RX100 screen has been clearly visible in all weather conditions. I was initially very unhappy with the IQ with edge and corner softness all round but much more so at the right hand side of the image. This was corrected by Sony under warranty repair and is now much better. The sensor is evidently much more capable than the lens. Sony warranty repair service was excellent fast and courteous. I shoot aperture priority usually at f5.6 with RAW+J with Jpeg set to “Vivid”. In the good weather we have had recently the jpegs are usable for Alamy, with good colour, and sharper than I can get from RAW. The biggest cause of failed images is camera shake so I use Auto ISO set at 200-1600 to keep shutter speed up. The power zoom is too fast for accurate framing and I have the front ring set as zoom control, or often shoot wider than needed and crop. Experience so far is very good. I will have to learn how to deal with the darker weather to come..
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