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How to rise discoverability?

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I'm no expert but I think you need to vastly increase the size of your portfolio and add more detail in your tags (cow is not sufficient) and include info re time of day, orientation, mood, lighting etc., (incidentally love the infrared shots but wonder how many people are specifically searching for this type of photo). Good luck.

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Like David said, ignore discoverability.

However, e.g. for your Eilean Donan Castle, you could put Middle Ages (history) instead of Middle Age (person). You could also put e.g. 13th century, thirteenth century, historic, landmark, medieval architecture, Scottish, Scottish castle, maybe Saltire (though it's small in the image).

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16 hours ago, Normand Blais said:

So, I add a lot of of tags (7-10)...but, it's always poor. What can I do?


To answer your actual question...


Discoverability will be classed as "poor" (an orange bar) until you have 40 tags, and 10 "supertags", plus all the "optional" information included on each image, at which point discoverability become "good" (green). 7 - 10 tags is quite low, considering that you need 6 tags to even get the bar to go orange.


I agree, to some extent, with other members that discoverability is not that important. What IS important, though, is that you ensue that you have all the tags you need to fully explain the image in a way that will attract the relevant buyers. i.e. have you described it fully - and also not used any inappropriate tags (keywords). Get that right and you'll start selling images. But you will need more than 5 (probably).


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