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Licensed image not on sales record

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Hi everyone,


Just a quick query, I have found one of my images online being used in an article here https://www.dn.se/sthlm/samtliga-kundvagnar-stulna-fran-systembolag/


That has been published on 20th August, however there is no record of this sale on my account, is there reason to be concerned? Is it possible for a singular sale to be delayed in registering on the account? Anyone else encounter this?


Also, it's a bit strange that it's not credited to Alamy but IBL, which I have no idea what that is?


Many thanks for any clues

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Google Search!  IBL = https://www.ibl.se/

They are a Swedish photo agency, one of Alamy's distributors. Dagens Nyheter commonly license Alamy images.  I've never had anything licensed by them, but I seem to recall poor rates being mentioned, so I wouldn't hold your breath withing for the licence to be reported!


One month is not a long time to wait for a distribution sale to be reported.  If it doesn't show up on your dashboard after 3 months, then get in touch with CR: contributors@alamy.com who will chase it up for you.

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