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  1. I have googled it and it was them indeed, most of my Culture Trip sales were quite low fee, but I have't noticed them being NU much
  2. I see, what a bummer! Would have opted out now if I could, guess this is going in the calendar! Thank you for your help!
  3. Also how do you opt in and out of NU? It's puzzling that Culture Trip would be considered NU
  4. Oh yes, I've had lots of images on Culture Trip and I agree with you, the fees they pay a quite shocking. It's really sad. I have seen instances where they bought images for a dollar and just kept on re-using is across various articles. I do realise that RM is flexible depending on what is agreed between the two parties, but was also hoping that there would be at least some difference between the two. RM was meant to restrict an image user to a specific usage / specific purpose.... so yes, this is disappointing to see.
  5. Thanks for the thoughts. Well that's just the thing, the fee for these was $1.23 which really raised some flags for me.
  6. Good afternoon, I'm looking for some advice / opinions. All the images I have on Alamy I am selling as Rights Managed. I have noticed some of my images have been licensed under the following terms Country: WorldwideUsage: EditorialMedia: Editorial websiteIndustry sector: Travel & tourismImage Size: Any sizeStart: 10 January 2019End: 10 January 2024NU Editorial website and app multiple use, in perpetuity. Am I wrong in thinking that Rights Managed images are usually not licensed in perpetuity for multiple use? That sounds to me more like Royalty Free? I u
  7. This is mine - https://www.alamy.com/portfolio/nathanielnoir
  8. Fantastic, thanks! Yes, I will give them a call, but wanted to do some research to know what to ask first.
  9. Thanks, are you saying that it's ok to estimate a percentage of eg bills, holiday cost that apply to the business side and there is no specific specific HMRC rules or guidelines for this?
  10. Thanks for your response. This is exactly what I'm wondering, how do you calculate? Is it ok to have a rough estimate for a % or should i write down all the journeys that involved work?
  11. Hello everyone, I was curious about how people are dealing with their expense records for HMRC self-assessment when doing stock photography on the side (aside from being employed full-time)? For example I buy a monthly or weekly travel card, however, frequently I use that card for going out to shoot stock as well and it's not always clear-cut assignments, I could be going somewhere socially and end up spending time shooting stock. Or another example is when going on holiday - I go for leisure but spend significant amounts of time taking stock pictures as well.
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