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flower/Shrub identification

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17 hours ago, Hellonearth said:

Would be gratefu lif anyone can identify this flowering shrub. It grows to at least 10 feet tall on long spindly branches. Flowera continuously. Location Phuket, Thailand. Thanks Kevin






No good looking in my books on British and European plants then?  Sorry.





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4 hours ago, wiskerke said:

Google images.




edit: พุดพิชญา Wiki

as you can see I made a stupid typo in Google images and it still came up.

Thank you Wim. It is definitely the one. I was beginning to think that no-one could find it. I had asked my Thai gardener but ,of course, she only knew the Thai name for it. Reading further I see it is also known as Snowflake or the Milky Way both of which are very apt descriptions for the shrub. Regards, Kevin

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