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Hi folks, I'm doing the poll for the August challenge and I've a couple of questions.  I do the content and the poll and press 'submit topic' only when both are done?  I also tick the 'Automatically close poll on specific date'?  Thanks.


Edit: How do I make the pictures the same when I drag them over?  Blimey, I'm hopeless at this!

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My guess is that you will be able to edit the content once you have posted it but I have never tried. Just a guess from soneone comfortable with this computer stuff.


For the images it would seem that if you copy [right click, and select copy image location from pull down] and paste the image location from your chosen images in the challenge they will come out at the same size even if they start differently (I tried with a couple). This one was smaller in the challenge. The url should contain /comp/ just after ...alamy.com and they should all come out this size.



Hope it helps,






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I think putting in the closing date is useful. The voting will automatically close at that time. Make the title the same in both sections. I did a right click on thumbnail and copy image address and used insert other media with copy url. Submit after all is done. 



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