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I see Crowdspark (formerly NewZulu) has gone into administration. I read somewhere on this forum that NewZulu had nearly 20,000 photos, from its contributors, on Alamy. Including a few of mine. Maybe the administrators will sell on any rights to any income. But when agencies collapse there is clearly a risk that the photos still sell but the contact/payment information for the contributors evaporates. Like many, I was also on Demotix where most of the photos, apart from those which went to Getty, evaporated too. Maybe this is just a risk of contributing anywhere? Thoughts?  

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I was with Demotix until they where bought and closed by Getty, since then made 1 sale for $300 from Getty.  So I imagine if alamy or AFP make any sales from your photos they will forward you your payment.


I know photographers who where with Newzulu when they had an office in Montreal and made regular sales. But it was a whole different story  when they closed the Montreal office and did all their operations in France, they seemed to be completely disorganized and no idea of what was going on in Quebec.

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I am sorry New Zulu/crowdspark went under.  New Zulu's London office recruited me in to photojournalism and the rest, as they say, is history.  They do owe me some money - but fortunately not much but I have a friend who is a London Photojournalist/videographer   who got a lot of his earnings from them and has lost a great deal of money.  He is trying through the NUJ to get it back.  It is a good job we have goold old, solid Alamy behind us now.

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