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53 minutes ago, MariaJ said:

You can click on the grey "Account Balance" box which is also on your dashboard.


- and remember that the amounts have to be cleared 0 - not only invoiced X before they turn up on your dashboard in the balance due to you next month.


Will probably still take time to exceed the minimum of $50 before you get paid.


On the positive side one sale with 10 images is an achievement that says your images are saleable. But you will need more images to ensure payment - and even more to ensure regular payments.




PS Your images deserve that you improve your keywords somewhat - which will also enhance your chances of sales.


F.inst. found spelling errors in  MTP7GN                beautiful,  playing - and in another image people - and some more


- and delete keywords that are not relevant to the images (f.inst. photographer is misleading - if there is not a photographer in the image as a main object)


Your captions are very short - and could be more descriptive - remember that the caption is searchable as well as the keywords are, and may become the description the buyers will use.


- and would definitely add some more keywords - simply describe the images, the people in them(age, sex, nationality, etc.), and perhaps culture, is it mud or what and why. Remember the plurals of most relevant nouns.




Alamy has a recommended way of keywording age, etc. Don't know if there is a more recent - but this may be valuable to you: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/9528-how-best-to-keyword-age-ranges/

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