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Ok, so a couple of weeks ago I deleted all existing images (not many) to start form scratch with better keywording and captioning.


Those images are still listed as "deletion pending" and displaying on my "page"


Also, of the first two new images I uploaded for testing using the Lightroom Alamy Bridge, it was not long after approval I could find one of those images.


However, the subsequent 18 images I have submitted since those original two have all been approved for days, but none of them are displaying on my page - despite AIM saying they are "On Sale"


What am I missing here? Is there further action I need to take that I somehow managed to do by mistake before?

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Hi Chris, you could try emailing the Alamy team, but in principle, no. That's why the delete box asks if you're really sure :)


Other images not appearing either means they're still in QC or you've added them for sale in the last 24 hours and Alamy hasn't updated its search engine yet.




p.s. or it could be Alamy having problems, there's an 'images not being added thread in 'ask the forum'

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