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I have a couple of archive photos of Stanford University. Every day, when I check which of my images have turned up in searches, Stanford University shows at least once, and more often it appears up to half a dozen times. I cannot imagine who, or why, someone is continually searching on Alamy for this particular term. If you look at AoA, there have been over 47,000 views for this university in comparison to several thousand for other university examples I tried since January. It’s a bit of a mystery. Are there any other search terms that turn up on a daily basis that aren’t generic?

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A rolling year AoA search for %stanford% reveals only 12 UCO for Stanford University.

5 for just Stanford.

Stanford university campus 7x.

I have a couple of Stanford, but they're just a drop in the ocean of 23,533 images. So it's a very popular subject, at least for contributors. I did sell 1 within days of uploading. Nothing after that.


Did you notice search terms like:

stanford university campus 1950

stanford university campus 1955

stanford university campus 1960s

stanford 60's

Yours are maybe just a bit too detailed and personal, but they could work.



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Thanks for the reply. Just wondering why it’s SO much more popular than other universities. And can be searched for multiple times in a day. I have separate year tags,  it will add a joint one. At least I know what year it was, cos it’s the year I was born :)


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