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How did a customer find my image?

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Under “Your Images” I had a search term “dinghy sailing [teenager] ”, which had zoomed my image BRTY7P.


Wondering what my competition might be I entered this search term into the Alamy search box, this returned 30 images, with mine not included.


I then entered this search term into “All of Alamy”, This produced the response “no searches for the selected period”!


I had included “dinghy” and ”Sailing” in my keywords.  I had “teenage” in the caption and “teen” in my keywords.


Searching “dinghy sailing teenage” produced 32 images including mine.


Searching “dinghy sailing teen” produced 40 images including mine.


How did the customers search find my image, and why can I not repeat the process?


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Here are some:


RM - Rights Managed RF - Royalty-Free PR - Property Released MR - Model Released Land - Landscape Pt - Portrait Pan - Panoramic Sq - Square C - Creative WP - With People WOP - Without People DT - Date Taken AE - Archive Excluded FS - File Size PH - Photograph IL - Illustration CO - Cut Outs
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