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Live News IPTC workflow recommendations?

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Hi there,


I am trying to set up for an efficient workflow for uploading Live News images in the field. I am shooting with Nikon D850 and don't want to carry a laptop around, it should all be possible with my Android smartphone in theory.

I've just discovered Nikon's IPTC Preset Manager software doesn't work on D850 (why Nikon, why?) as that works nicely on D5s.

I've tried the Press IPTC Android app but it doesn't work properly on HTC U11 (problem with the way directories are set), I've attempted to contact their support but the project appears dead (website gone and emails bounce back). MoPhoto is no longer available in the Play store and also appears to be dead.

Snapbridge does not offer the complete set of fields to meet Alamy requirements for Live News upload.

I have Lightroom on Android and that seems to allow entering of IPTC but it's fiddly with small text boxes (the photo import option only has the copyright field). Once finished I've used AndFTP to upload to Alamy.


Can anyone recommend anything else for my situation? Any help much appreciated.


Cheers all.

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Like you, I never got on with Press IPTC, though I know many others here use it. On my phone, I use the paid for (about £4.00 from memory) version of MoPhotos. Again, not the easiest to configure ( it asks for an EyeFi card, which you just divert to a directory instead), but it can be figured out. I then keep a couple of blank images in that folder with basic captions already embedded, copy the data to the news pic, change it as suits, and like you, upload using AndFtp. Quick and easy once you get the hang of it. (N.B. the free version of MoPhotos will not allow you to select a directory, don't even bother trying ...)

For larger assignments, I usually bung a little laptop in the boot, and tether the phone for internet access.  I shoot both RAW and JPEGS, keep the former for later use, bin the JPEGS once I get home.

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Thanks for that TeeCee. I cannot find MoPhotos on the Play Store (free or paid), I've read about it on various threads but don't seem to be able to get it.  How did you get it?


I've tried Press IPTC on my friends Samsung and it works very well so guess its just not compatible with HTC - happily pay for it on the off chance the developer possibly reads this!


I did find FastPhotoTagger while searching about, http://fastphototagger.sourceforge.net/a/

It looks interesting with some batch caption editing options. No FTP built in like PressIPTC though.

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There's definitely an opening in the market for a good software for this for Android, but I find Press IPTC is good - although I've resorted to using a laptop and Photo Mechanic now.


A mobile version of Photo Mechanic or an Android version of Shuttersnitch would be best.

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