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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all, I would like to ask to someone who have buy a license directly from Alamy if he/she can detail me the IPTC data of the direct downloaded image. I’m asking this because I found an unreported sale which published image has got IPTC data that clearly seems to tell that the image was directly licensed from Alamy. Contributor relations tell me that they haven't got a record of that license, so it is so strange and disturbing to me. Thank you in advance and regards
  2. Hi there, I am trying to set up for an efficient workflow for uploading Live News images in the field. I am shooting with Nikon D850 and don't want to carry a laptop around, it should all be possible with my Android smartphone in theory. I've just discovered Nikon's IPTC Preset Manager software doesn't work on D850 (why Nikon, why?) as that works nicely on D5s. I've tried the Press IPTC Android app but it doesn't work properly on HTC U11 (problem with the way directories are set), I've attempted to contact their support but the project appears dead (website gone and email
  3. What metadata editor do people use for pre-tagging live news images? I’ve got MetaGear which does the job but might not be the best. I was wondering if there was recommended software.
  4. Hi I normally submit stock images but have an image I took yesterday which I want to submit as news. I've been trying since last night to upload it but keep having problems. I've read the guidance on IPTC metadata fields, and have asked alamy for the test image. The data is showing in photoshop, but its not showing when I upload it hence it keeps being rejected. I've been in touch with the news desk and emailed images over to them, and they can't see any data. Nor can I see the fields filled in from their test shot. I've tried entering it in lightroom, exporting as tiff to photoshop,
  5. Hi everyone, Firstly, I apologize if this has been asked before but I could not find it. When sending images to the news feed using FTP I use the standard IPTC fields for headline, caption and keywords. I would like to be able to submit all or as many fields as possible at this stage so that I don't have to go back and use the image manager in alamy when the images go from news to general on sale. Is there a definitive list anywhere of which fields alamy can accept such as No of people, model released etc? Thanks for your help. Cam
  6. Does anyone know how to put headlines to IPTC when uploding a group of News pictures to Alamy via Picasa? Caption, and Tag's work OK, but can't find a section for headlines. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance Orhan
  7. What Alamy stock (NOT NEWS) keyword fields ("Caption," "Essential Keywords," "Main Keywords," "Comprehensive Keywords") correspond to the IPTC categories, such as "Headline," "Description," "Keywords"? Is there any way to enter the IPTC data to match EXACTLY Alamy's way of breaking down the keywords? I would like to be able to upload and already have ALL the fields filled without having to shift them around. If it is relevant, I am using Photoshop Elements 9. I'm sure this has already been covered, but I searched and searched for an answer and couldn't find it. Thank you!!
  8. Hello. New contributor. Is there a way to NOT duplicate my keywording. Or is there a way for my Lightroom IPTC and Keywording to follow my submission from Lightroom, thru its upload? I saw the export plugin and I am looking for a way that does not have a plug in if available
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