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Hello from Northern Indiana


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On 6/2/2018 at 00:21, JustMe said:

Just wanted to say hello. Not quite sure how all this is going to work, but I'm going to give it a try.


Hello and welcome, pretty much in the same boat...good luck and enjoy 👍

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Hi, JustMe, it really does take a while to figure things out. Read the forum posts, going back a ways. 

One tip, after looking at your images.

You have many swan with her cignets shots. You’ll be best served to pick the best ones, preferably a landscape and portrait orientation, maybe a closer up of each orientation, and limit yourself to four of those that you upload. (Now, keep)

The reason? If a client searches that subject, the more of the same subject you have that is viewed by the client but not zoomed, it hurts your CTR. (Click through rate). The better your CTR is, the higher, or more toward the first few pages of a search they’ll come up. 

A new contributor is given a medium placement for a while. When that term is over, your placement in searches may be influenced by sales and CTR. Anyway, that’s the way it used to work. Nobody completely understands this anymore!!


But I do know this for a fact. I went through my port 6 or so months ago, and deleted some of my multiples.  And my CTR is improving.

good luck,


oh, if you decide to delete some, first delete your tags. Then delete your caption, putting something nonsensical like bfxr in its place. I think we have to have something in the caption field. Wait at least 24 hours for an Alamy update, then go back and hit the delete button. It takes months for them to be removed off the site, but they shouldn’t come up in searches (and hurt you) if the tags and captions aren’t searchable.

its better to edit your images more tightly now at the outset, than realize too many multiples are hurting your sales prospects and have to spend a lot of time going through hundreds later. Take that advice from someone who did it the hard way. :P

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