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55 minutes ago, Stephen Lloyd said:

Has anyone heard of Pinsdaddy? I found one of my images on here - link below. I'd be surprised if that's an partner, so have mailed this to Alamy to ask.





I hate that website.  Pinsta is another one.  And celebritypix has been mentioned in another thread recently.  There are loads more. These website abound.  It seems that shortly after a zoom, I find my images on these websites.  I just wonder if there is some way that Alamy can prevent copies being taken.


Unless the website is in the countries that Alamy list as beng able to pursue, they wont be able to do anything.

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One could try using Google's DMCA take down form, anmd actively pursuing it through their processes and social media. Especially if they are using Google ads.


Some years ago I, and others, had written articles scraped by another site. A few of us chased the issue, and I was particularly tenacious , and although we did not get recompense we did get the site remnoved from Google Adsense so the infringing lost its  revenue stream. But of course it is not long before another five pop up to replace it! :( Unfortunately it could become a full time occupation chasing infringements, so much so that one would not be producing work to get infringed :(

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3 minutes ago, Stephen Lloyd said:

Googles DCMA ?



removing content from Google https://support.google.com/adsense/contact/violation_report?visit_id=1-636607883357145524-2081158122&hl=en&rd=1


This where they are using Google Adsense but there are other options depending on which Google service it is using (top of the link structure).

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