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Feedback Required Please

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Hi Steve


Taken a quick look.


Positives include good keywording of fauna and some nice close ups. Interesting set of historical images.


Negatives, some of the street scenes and landscapes look a bit bland to me.  Why not try to get shots with people in them, and maybe  look for stronger compositions  and more punchy processing of these subjects.


Hope that helps!

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Your iris shots are not Iris sibirica.  They are bearded irises - probably Iris germanica.  You can tell by looking at the throat of the flowers.  Those 'hairy' bits are the anthers arranged in the characteristic bearded iris strip.  


There is a good market for botanical shots - for gardening magazines, calendars, nursery marketing, newspapers etc - but they need to be shots that will sell the product.  In your climate you'll often need to shoot early in the morning to avoid the more delicate flowers drying out and distorting with the heat of the day.

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Thank you Guys for the input i will take it all on board



LawrensonPhoto thanks for advice, I do try and concentrate on flora and wildlife, 


Bryan I agree about the street scenes and landscapes being a bit bland


John  thank you for pointing out the iris being mislabeled, when i compare the two side by side i can see a clear difference

 certainly looks like iris germanica. 


thanks all for your help and good advice











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