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Can you figure this out?

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I'm a longtime user of Photoshop, starting with CS through the latest, CS6.  Until recently, I had never bought, used, or downloaded a trail copy of LR.  In fact, my 27" iMac is maybe 6 months old, so if I had installed a version of LR previously, it would have been on the old iMac, not this one.  That's beside the point.

I did keep hearing people swearing by Lightroom and finally got a bit interested in it.


In March, B&H sent the weekly offering of sales and products via email.  One of the things was LR4 for $79.  LR5 had just recently been released, so I figured they wanted to clear out inventory.

I ordered it, and got the box within the week.  I tossed it aside until the time I felt like installing it and delving into figuring it out.  Which was in May.  I installed it on my desktop iMac.

I've been using it since.


A couple of days ago, since I have an upcoming trip, I decided to install it on my Macbook Pro which will travel with me.  Everything went fine until I put in the Serial #.  Words popped up saying this was an upgrade, and a new line of boxes appeared for me to input a previous version.


I was not aware I had ordered an upgrade, I thought it was the full version.  I grabbed the box, and sure enough, there is a sticker (black with gray letters) on the black box saying "upgrade." It really doesn't stand out and I did NOT notice it in the beginning.   I went to my Adobe account, and the only serial numbers there were for all my Photoshops and the LR4 I installed in May.


This prompt did not come up when I installed it on the desktop.  I called Adobe, and asked what I could do.  I explained what had happened.  The tech guy said "Impossible" when I said the upgrade installed a full version on my desktop. I told him, "funny, I've been using it all summer."


 He asked me from the top, from the bottom, and sneaked in from the side..."Have you ever installed a previous version?" I said No, to every numerous question. I told him I was honest (yeah, like he'd believe a stranger) and had never bought a bootleg softwear ever, he can look at my account and see that.  He said, yes, I saw all of what I had previously bought.  


He then had me go to spotlight at the top of my iMac screen, type in Lightroom 4, and asked if I could see a previous version in the drop down box.  I saw no app, but did see 3 different lines of code that had LR3 in it. None of those lines said app.  I told him that had to have come in the guts of LR4.  "Impossible. Can't happen. Didn't happen."  He said testily.


He told me to call B&H and see if they could do anything, but if they couldn't, call Adobe back.  B&H said it had been 5 1/2 months, lady, sorry, sorry.


Before I called Adobe back, I went to spotlight again and typed in Lightroom 4.  Of those three lines I saw with LR3 in it, I double clicked on the top one and got an install page.  I proceeded to install LR3 on my iMac. I was never prompted for a serial number and it opened immediately.


I called Adobe, got guy # 2 and explained it all again.  Got the same "impossibles" and "can't happens".  Then I told him I clicked on one of those code lines  and installed LR3.  He was rather dumbfounded.


He gave me instructions, click on this, click on that, and up popped a serial # for Lightroom 3.  He told me to copy that down, go to my laptop and type those numbers in that 2nd string of boxes. So I typed in numbers for LR4, then LR3 numbers.  I had a complete installation of LR4 on my laptop, finally.


Throughout all of this, about 3 different times, I offered to pay the difference between the upgrade and the full version.   My last offer was met with, "No, you own it, you have it, use it, it's yours."  Then....after all the "suspicions" that I was senile and had bought a previous version and didn't remember it, he added, "By the way, I put in the LR3 serial number in your account in case you ever need to refer to it."


To me, the proof is in the pudding.  If I had ever used a previous version of Lightroom, that serial # would have been in my Adobe account. It wouldn't have had to be manually added. It should have been apparent to Adobe, also.


I'd be interested on what you all think of this.  I'm still rather dumbfounded about the whole thing.





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^^^^agreed with the message above.  If it all works out then shrug it off.


My initial thoughts though are to ask you what cameras you are shooting with.  Did you install Lightroom with software that came with a previous camera?  Some Leica cameras come with Lightroom...I wonder if it was previously installed/downloaded with a camera purchase?

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Just a thought but did you ever download a free trial version?



No, I have never downloaded a trial version.  I've only had this iMac for a half year or so.  If I had downloaded a trial version then forgotten about it, it would have been LR4, which was the current version when I bought this iMac, not LR3 which was the version I found snippets of code from.


Oh, to the other posters, I am not worried about it.  I have LR4, and I paid the price of an upgrade, rather than the full version.  Although I offered multiple times to pay the difference.  It's just that the whole thing is a head-scratcher, and puzzles like this bug me.


But I will forgetaboutit.

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