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17 hours ago, Zigzagmtart said:

I never really pay much attention to my CTR but this post made me look.


On the rolling 1 year screen on the dashboard my CTR is .46 which is about what I remember it being whenever I bothered to look before.  However, if I click on My Images the screen there shows a CTR of .31 for the rolling 1 month.  And looking at the chart on the dashboard my CTR has ranged from a high of .70 in August of 2017 to a low of .08 in November of 2017.  It has since crawled back up to  .31. 


I uploaded steadily in June and July of 2017 but health and work got in the way and I uploaded nothing from 31 July 2017 through 29 December 2017.  Since then I have been uploading on a steady basis again.


Just curious if I should be worried about the wide swings?  Or the relationship (if any) between my CTR and my uploads?


Even with, or perhaps because of, my small port, (compared to yours), I noticed that when I uploaded on a regular basis I achieved reasonable CTR but when I had an upload drought the CTR went way down.





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Ok - just in case there are others who look forlornly at the CTR rates posted higher up in this thread...



Total Views for Graham Hardy : 3,796
Total Zooms for Graham Hardy : 6
Average CTR for Graham Hardy : 0.20
Total CTR for Graham Hardy : 0.16



7 days

Total Views for Graham Hardy : 1,027
Total Zooms for Graham Hardy : 1
Average CTR for Graham Hardy : 0.14
Total CTR for Graham Hardy : 0.10



Beginning to lose hope....

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