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John Crellin

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I know it's been done to death on the forums but I am amazed this feature hasn't been tweaked just a little.



Now I have my act together properly it's nice that a whole batch, once it is QCed, goes on sale straight away using the keywords in the EXIF


So when I get round to tweaking by marking supertags and adding locations - and crucially flagging those pictures with people / property would it be so hard to have a traffic light colour scheme to guide?


Eg enough tags so on sale: Orange (as at present)


Supertags: Yellow?


People and Property Qs answered: Turqoise


The magic numbers of tags I never achieve: Green as at present (so I am told)


I have to admit recently I've just been answering the people / property questions where the answer is yes - leaving the rest as undecided as I can't see any gain from the extra effort for the "no" answers.


John Crellin

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I'd certainly like some mechanism that indicates when the optional people/property fields have not been completed.


I have just worked through a batch of submissions from the recent past and was disturbed to find that I had missed several shots where a people or property tick was needed but not provided. From memory this was not possible in the old system, but the new AIM allows you to avoid completing these fields. I don't know why these fields are optional, it takes little effort to complete them and there is a piece of mind associated with doing just that. 


I'm aware that many imported agency images do not comply, is this the reason for the optionality?


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