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  1. I'm not actively involved with search engine optimization any more but, when I was, any commercial site worth its salt could get Google responding to changes within hours not days. But 5 years is a long time in the cyber world! It may well be that Alamy and the like don't fit any business model that Google recognize though - they have always seemed to do less well that I might expect from the volume of traffic I suppose them to have. My point really was that by the time they launched the portfolio Alamy should have tried their best to optimize for a pretty unambiguous combination of not very common words "alamy portfolio". Maybe they did. John
  2. I quite agree - in fact I assumed Alamy would be doing what you describe. Disappointing that a Google search for "John Crellin Alamy Portfolio" gets me a page of forum stuff and no link to Alamy itself at all. Amusingly Google eventually includes my own website picture of Sheep Poo - that must be my star picture in Google's eyes!
  3. Not necessarily - it happened to me. I deleted it as soon as the batch was approved! John
  4. Like others I am not really sure what this question is asking but: Uncompressed size is all Alamy care about (as far as file sizes go - they obviously care about a whole list of technical quality measures) and It often surprises me after my workflow via TIFF how "small" in disk space terms a full quality JPEG can be. To me it's less of a surprise when a picture with lots of complex detail makes a large file but the JPEG algorithm is sometimes able to compress without significant quality loss by a huge amount. John
  5. Thanks - I put it down to that at the time (I noticed after a 9 month break in uploading that the Alamy codes had moved way down the alphabet!) So we will see if March has been an upward blip! John
  6. "tiled stoves" as you said yourself conveys the sort of thing you are going to see - but it's worth putting the Italian in as a tag surely as well if that is the accepted term? Suggest "ornate stoves" as well. John
  7. I don't spend a lot of time looking at my own pictures on Alamy - honest but just recently have a bit as this seems to be one of those periods where images don't go on sale next day after QC necessarily. But what i noticed this morning is that buying one for personal use on my tablet would cost £11.99 whereas on my PC it is £9.99 as ever... This is everywhere now (we and family in London bought tickets for the Chunnel last year at exactly the same time and paid different amounts) and I support Alamy in doing whatevere it takes to maximize revenue ... John
  8. Or was it just those of us who adopted IM / Tags for our whole portfolio early? (Or did I just have an isolated bad year...) My revenue after 3 months of 2018 is back on par with 2016 leaving 2017 as a really bad downward blip (if it had continued like that I would give up.) Basically I wanted to get the job done with the changes and had a lot of anomalous tags from the automatic conversion but I do wonder whether taking a longer view and waiting for Alamy to sort out issues would have been better! This is the revenue graph: John Crellin
  9. One small thing - I crop 2:3 portrait to 3:4 if absolutely nothing is lost from the content as I feel it helps the thumbnail people choose from. John
  10. Generally against - and I only use polarizing in practice when what's under the water is important in lake / pond shots. I've noticed in the last few years far too many camera-people on TV who seem to think "it's a grand house - put on the grad filter" - the darker turrets always give it away. (Even the occasional darkened church tower...) John Crellin
  11. It's nice that you can upload with keywords and potentially get a sale the day after QC but how often does this happen? I still get the feeling my pictures need to "mature" before they can be bought and in 242 sales have only one instance of a sale within three months of uploading. All the others seem to be at least a year after upload or more. When I started it took 18 months to get a sale - which the forum at the time agreed was par for the course but surely, statistically, I should expect with an established "rank" that I get the occasional one that is of a recent picture? Of course this bodes well for my dotage.... John Crellin
  12. I agree. Going straight on sale is nice (but I've never had a sale within a month of upload I think) but I like to feel I have checked them as soon as possible for restrictive aspects. John
  13. I know it's been done to death on the forums but I am amazed this feature hasn't been tweaked just a little. Now I have my act together properly it's nice that a whole batch, once it is QCed, goes on sale straight away using the keywords in the EXIF So when I get round to tweaking by marking supertags and adding locations - and crucially flagging those pictures with people / property would it be so hard to have a traffic light colour scheme to guide? Eg enough tags so on sale: Orange (as at present) Supertags: Yellow? People and Property Qs answered: Turqoise The magic numbers of tags I never achieve: Green as at present (so I am told) I have to admit recently I've just been answering the people / property questions where the answer is yes - leaving the rest as undecided as I can't see any gain from the extra effort for the "no" answers. John Crellin
  14. I've said it before but it's worth repeating (I think!): Google does just the same - often gives me search results without the things I type in above better fits. I can only assume - and this is very depressing - Google, and by extension, Alamy are delivering what their clients en mass want! It seems massively condescending - but "we're going to show you what we know you want rather than what you asked for" is the new "service"! John Crellin
  15. The "compression artifacts" suggest that the JPEG wasn't saved with high enough quality setting ? Might be better to work in TIFF with Corel and use Photoshop / Lightroom etc to convert to JPEG with highest quality setting AFTER checking the original TIFF at 100% as for photos. Presumably the image passed the size requirements - so working at 300dpi is fairly irrelevant - Alamy just want enough pixels to pass their requirement and that all parts of the image bear close examination at 100% on screen. John
  16. Absolutely - and remember the positive - we do hope that by identifying a combination of words that really fits the picture (a tag!) we will get good placement when it counts! My CTR goes up and down - so do sales - with no correlation I can see!
  17. We have to assume that keywords extracted from tags have lower priority. (Otherwise as several have said - what was the point of tags?) It's not just Alamy - even Google (the Gods of search?) will happily give me results that no way fit what I quite specifically searched for but rather "you included [some word] in your search and lots of people want to see this irrelevant rubbish with that word". It seems to me to be a sad commentary on how dumb most searching probably is - and I suspect that even applies to some picture researchers? But slightly more seriously - there seems to be a "throw anything that might be relevant at them - it can't hurt" kind of mentality - but surely that's not really true ??? Try Facebook for really irrelevant stuff pushing down the stuff you want - I can't bear it - but it seems "the majority" go for it. John Crellin
  18. I agree that Alamy are doing the best they can in an increasingly difficult market. Frankly my main motivation is to get off my back the people who expect freebies from me direct. I support not for profit this way when they ask right - otherwise it's "go to Alamy" if it's a profit-making enterprise. Strange how the latter often have "no budget" for pictures! And I know it is hard to make a living at this - I don't but I can see if you work full time at it the rewards could be there. John Crellin
  19. Suddenly I am being harassed by these - probably because I have a new computer ? Just now I was presented with "Pants" to identify - couldn't identify ANY UK English "pants" but reloading the page got me straight in on a password. John Crellin, probably a bit grumpy today
  20. Yes you need Nikon NX-D software which is a free download. Don't bin your NX-2 though in case you need to rework previous camera files... (NX-D will edit them but I think the problem is that it won't change settings made in NX-2). NX-D is quirky but I got used to it - still prefer Nikon it to Photoshop Raw which I cannot get on with. Having said that though the Active D-lighting is much less good than in NX-D than it was in NX-2 - often blows highlights hugely. I now leave that sort of thing to Photoshop working on 16 bit TIFF from NX-D now. John Crellin
  21. Thanks I can see that now - still tricky though. John. Yes very hard. All it would take is - say - hold down Ctrl to lose the "move" cross and go back to normal selection? I'm used to this over years of association with software development - the coders rarely understand what an actual user wants and just implement "what they are told" with no regard for exiting functionality. John C
  22. And if you use long filenames there is no way, I think, to see the whole thing? John Crellin
  23. This morning starting again on my slow progress through old uploads I find megatags have gone away ? Has anyone else seen this? Or is it just I have got to a point in my history where my annotation changed subtly?... I am certainly hoping I am right in my assumption that once I have edited a picture's tags I am then in control and further unexpected changes won't occur. (Alamy - can you set our minds at rest?)
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