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  1. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    I'm not actively involved with search engine optimization any more but, when I was, any commercial site worth its salt could get Google responding to changes within hours not days. But 5 years is a long time in the cyber world! It may well be that Alamy and the like don't fit any business model that Google recognize though - they have always seemed to do less well that I might expect from the volume of traffic I suppose them to have. My point really was that by the time they launched the portfolio Alamy should have tried their best to optimize for a pretty unambiguous combination of not very common words "alamy portfolio". Maybe they did. John
  2. "Your Alamy portfolio page"

    I quite agree - in fact I assumed Alamy would be doing what you describe. Disappointing that a Google search for "John Crellin Alamy Portfolio" gets me a page of forum stuff and no link to Alamy itself at all. Amusingly Google eventually includes my own website picture of Sheep Poo - that must be my star picture in Google's eyes!
  3. Not necessarily - it happened to me. I deleted it as soon as the batch was approved! John
  4. Like others I am not really sure what this question is asking but: Uncompressed size is all Alamy care about (as far as file sizes go - they obviously care about a whole list of technical quality measures) and It often surprises me after my workflow via TIFF how "small" in disk space terms a full quality JPEG can be. To me it's less of a surprise when a picture with lots of complex detail makes a large file but the JPEG algorithm is sometimes able to compress without significant quality loss by a huge amount. John
  5. Revenue Blip

    Thanks - I put it down to that at the time (I noticed after a 9 month break in uploading that the Alamy codes had moved way down the alphabet!) So we will see if March has been an upward blip! John
  6. "stufe ad olle" - correct term in English

    "tiled stoves" as you said yourself conveys the sort of thing you are going to see - but it's worth putting the Italian in as a tag surely as well if that is the accepted term? Suggest "ornate stoves" as well. John
  7. Variable Pricing?

    I don't spend a lot of time looking at my own pictures on Alamy - honest but just recently have a bit as this seems to be one of those periods where images don't go on sale next day after QC necessarily. But what i noticed this morning is that buying one for personal use on my tablet would cost £11.99 whereas on my PC it is £9.99 as ever... This is everywhere now (we and family in London bought tickets for the Chunnel last year at exactly the same time and paid different amounts) and I support Alamy in doing whatevere it takes to maximize revenue ... John
  8. Revenue Blip

    Or was it just those of us who adopted IM / Tags for our whole portfolio early? (Or did I just have an isolated bad year...) My revenue after 3 months of 2018 is back on par with 2016 leaving 2017 as a really bad downward blip (if it had continued like that I would give up.) Basically I wanted to get the job done with the changes and had a lot of anomalous tags from the automatic conversion but I do wonder whether taking a longer view and waiting for Alamy to sort out issues would have been better! This is the revenue graph: John Crellin
  9. Aspect ratio

    One small thing - I crop 2:3 portrait to 3:4 if absolutely nothing is lost from the content as I feel it helps the thumbnail people choose from. John
  10. Generally against - and I only use polarizing in practice when what's under the water is important in lake / pond shots. I've noticed in the last few years far too many camera-people on TV who seem to think "it's a grand house - put on the grad filter" - the darker turrets always give it away. (Even the occasional darkened church tower...) John Crellin
  11. How often do you get a quick sale?

    I'm sure you are right :-)
  12. How often do you get a quick sale?

    It's nice that you can upload with keywords and potentially get a sale the day after QC but how often does this happen? I still get the feeling my pictures need to "mature" before they can be bought and in 242 sales have only one instance of a sale within three months of uploading. All the others seem to be at least a year after upload or more. When I started it took 18 months to get a sale - which the forum at the time agreed was par for the course but surely, statistically, I should expect with an established "rank" that I get the occasional one that is of a recent picture? Of course this bodes well for my dotage.... John Crellin
  13. Discoverability

    I agree. Going straight on sale is nice (but I've never had a sale within a month of upload I think) but I like to feel I have checked them as soon as possible for restrictive aspects. John
  14. Discoverability

    I know it's been done to death on the forums but I am amazed this feature hasn't been tweaked just a little. Now I have my act together properly it's nice that a whole batch, once it is QCed, goes on sale straight away using the keywords in the EXIF So when I get round to tweaking by marking supertags and adding locations - and crucially flagging those pictures with people / property would it be so hard to have a traffic light colour scheme to guide? Eg enough tags so on sale: Orange (as at present) Supertags: Yellow? People and Property Qs answered: Turqoise The magic numbers of tags I never achieve: Green as at present (so I am told) I have to admit recently I've just been answering the people / property questions where the answer is yes - leaving the rest as undecided as I can't see any gain from the extra effort for the "no" answers. John Crellin
  15. Tags & Supertags

    I've said it before but it's worth repeating (I think!): Google does just the same - often gives me search results without the things I type in above better fits. I can only assume - and this is very depressing - Google, and by extension, Alamy are delivering what their clients en mass want! It seems massively condescending - but "we're going to show you what we know you want rather than what you asked for" is the new "service"! John Crellin