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Rights Managed Exclusive

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Hello everyone,


Here i am again with a question :) .


I tried to find the answer in previous posts but i was not lucky.


I am wondering why you can not choose for Rights Managed Exlusive for images without releases. Its jumps automatically to Rights Managed. Is there some reason?


Thank you very much.

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Yes, you are right that Alamy doesn't say this specifically in the contributor information:





-  only states this under "Tips and legal considerations":

  • we may determine the licence type automatically from your answers to some of the annotation questions.


My guess is that if buyers want exclusivity we are most probably not talking about editorial images - but some sort of advertising or branding purposes - and these purposes would need releases.


By the way I don't think the Exclusive licence type is used much any longer.

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Hello Philippe,


Yes i have the RF images on other sites also. But i dont want to spend to much time with keywording and uploading now. I would like to use it more for photographing. So i choose now to make and edit more images and upload to 1 agency. At least the editorial shots.


But i also have to add that it hurts to see in our days in microstock to see your image going for 0.24 cents for RF license. I would like to go out of it finally. For sure for all new images i shoot.


But thanks anyway.

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