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xt 20 and PS Elements

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I've just got a Fuji XT 20 and my Elements 13 doesn't seem to want to import the RAW files.

I guess somebody is going to tell me that Elements 13 isn't compatible with the XT 20 ? 

If so, after I've finished banging my head on the desk, do I need an upgrade of Elements that will support a later version of ACR ?

My minimal knowledge of these things seems to think that DNG is an option, however I'd like to avoid any further complications to the process.

I've tried to find this info via Adobe but it's impossible / incomprehensible for a technophobe like me, so in the simplest of terms please folks......




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> Adobe provides backwards compatibility for the latest cameras for use in older versions of Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge, After Effects, and Photoshop Elements through the DNG Converter.




The download is on that page too.



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