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1988 London skyline photos = archive?

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I’ve found some photos I took in London in 1988 (with my Olympus OM40 which was my first “proper” SLR camera ). Anyway, prints, obviously, and the city skyline is very different to how it looks now. There’s nothing notable between St Pauls and what used to be called the NatWest tower.  It occurred to me I could photograph them and submit to Alamy as archive. Is that the kind of thing Alamy archive is for? Quality wouldn’t be great - the prints are a bit faded. Also I don’t know the exact date, only that it was 1988/89 because of the boyfriend who’s in some of them 😄.

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You will have to apply for Archival upload access.


I have a few London Skylines from the eighties and I'm afraid they have not sold. For archival interest,  you would do better if you could go back a bit further, like post WW!! when there would be nothing over seven or eight stories high and St Pauls would feature heavily on the skyline. But then, you would have to be even more ancient than myself. The mid-term is usually not too interesting to clients unless you are trying to define something like the Swinging Sixties

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