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Hello all,


What do you think. Will there be on Alamy in near future a fully automatic approval process? Since Alamy looks in general only at the technical aspects i sounds realistic to have a system that automatically selects a sample of images and scan them on noise, sharpness etc.


Something like that would mean an almost direct review process.


What do you think?

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Sharpness would be very easy: Peaking Level already exists.

Dust bunnies are being found automatically in Lightroom.


In general such a process would have to go for the low hanging fruit.

It would have to flag images that would need excessive correction in a photo editor on Full Auto. Those could then be examined by a human judge.

(How this works for real court cases and real judges. Study the diagram.)


Maybe just check the list:


More easy:

(Easy=doable by machine.)

Blemishes – Dust, scratches or sensor dust - Think Lightroom
Camera shake; Soft due to size; Soft or lacking definition - Think Peaking

Chromatic aberration or ‘coloured fringing’ - Think ACR
Colour cast - Think ACR

Unsuitable material - Think Facebook; Twitter

Digital camera not suitable for Alamy - Just read metadata

Overly manipulated; Noticeable retouching - Use a forensics service (fotoforensics ; Izitru)

Excessive similars - Think Photoshop Align and Difference

Poor exposure - Think Photoshop Auto Levels


More difficult:

Subject out of focus
Compression artifacts
Excessive sharpening
Interpolation artifacts
Scanning artifacts

Film rebate or border

All is easy to do by hand - by a human.

It's a bit like why quality control is needed in a car factory.

Some factories don't have it. Stuff falls from their cars when you round a corner. ;-)

Other factories don't have it because they don't need it. And their cars always come first in longevity tests.



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4 minutes ago, geogphotos said:

My issue would actually be a different one. The ability to request that QC examine an image or set that the contributor feels they would like to have a second opinion on. I had such an image recently and emailed Contributor Support about it and they were unable to help - they wouldn't or couldn't pass my message to the QC team.. The reaction was more as though I was asking for some sort of special advantage or special treatment when my feeling was more about us being on the same side and wanting to avoid anything slipping through that might lead to problems.



Good idea.



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3 minutes ago, geogphotos said:


I was a little shocked to be honest and upset at what it said about Alamy's relationship with me as a contributor.


Maybe its a function of Alamy's size but it worried me. I do like the feeling with some other agencies/relationships that we are working together in the same direction and that there is amity of give and take between us.


Mwoah, maybe not expect too much. There's just no procedure for it.

And if the British basic disposition is a bit like the Dutch, the first reaction usually is:

What if everybody would do that, sir (mam)...

(... Civilization as we know it would come to an end.)


The solution I have chosen on some occasions is to just upload that single image.

You do get your answer. Unambiguously. ;-)



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