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Article on sharpening Fuji X-Trans files in LR

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The concept of Capture and Output sharpening was pioneered by Bruce Fraser in early 2000s who passed away many years ago.  The 'Detail' panel which we see in Lightroom was already incorporated in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) in Adobe Bridge CS3 (or earlier?, I don’t remember.  Please correct me if I am wrong.)


By Capture Sharpening (recovering lost sharpness through digitisation), images becomes use-neutral, i.e. they are ready to go into any direction, that is, printing or website display, etc.  

In case of printing, you then apply output sharpening according to print size, printing method, paper stocks, etc before you print.


(Sorry have I just repeated what Pete Brigwood said?)


I only have a Fuji X100s, so I can’t try what Pete Bridgwood suggests but since CS3, I have always applied Capture/Output sharpening whenever I need to print.


Perhaps as Mark said it is not for Alamy submission, but it is necessary when you print images in my opinion.


I am not an expert so any correction would be welcome.



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