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Photoshop 2017 - 2018 / Lightroom CC

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Just noticed that Photoshop 2018 was installed on my computer... I have the Adobe "photo whatever subscription"... BUT strangely, the previous version (Photoshop CC 2017) wasn't deleted???


Lightroom CC classic:


Updated automatically... previous version WAS DELETED... I was asked to upgrade the Library, which I did... seems to be a tad faster? Or just my imagination?


(All on a year old pretty descent PC running Windows 10...)

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In my opinion after testing for 2 days, Lightroom CC is not for Pros as we're supposed to be here.

Classic is.

Full Stop :)


p.s. My existing Lightroom has been removed and Classic is in place with older settings and preferences which was alerted at the beginning of installation.

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There's a bug in Photoshop 2018 concerning keyboard shortcuts.  If you have any short-cut keys which you have programmed yourself and have used the ALT key as the first modifier - it probably won't work.  I have some short-cut keys programmed into a Cherry programmable keypad, so I can access them with a single key press.  One of them was ALT-CTRL-1, which stopped working after the update.  However, if I pressed CTRL-ALT-1 in that order then it worked.  Previously it didn't matter in which order I pressed them.


It's already been reported on the Adobe forum and their software engineers are looking into it, apparently.

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