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Following on from the Lightroom 'Strategy' thread - my Photoshop CC updated to the 2018 versions today. When you click on the 'update' button you get a message and If you want to keep the earlier versions click on 'Advanced' and untick 'Remove old versions'.


More info here - https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2396763


Example is for Dreamweaver but it's the same for Photoshop, Bridge, and Lightroom.


It seems to have migrated my actions and screen layouts without me having to do anything, but not plug-ins.


If you have an hour and a half to spare there's a video here showing the new features. 




Correction - the video is only 2 mins.  The course it previews is an hour and a half.

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I read a headline somewhere that Lightroom CC users might want to wait a few weeks before updating in case of bugs.  Seems LR CC is changing its architecture or some such thing and my cause a problem in transference of one's catalog.  I'm also leery as I'm working on an old Mac Pro (early 2009).  It's already pretty slow with the new LR CC updates.

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Yes but as I mentioned above you can keep the old version and install the new version as well.  It installs it in a completely different folder so you can still go back to the old version if there is a problem.


Incidentally, in the new Photoshop if you hover the mouse over the tool buttons you get a little video .... B)

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