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Firstly a huge thank you to everyone that responded. There are some real nuggets of gold in there, and an awful lot for me to get on with. For example:


Location: I always add that in detail to the secondary info, but I see I need to add that to the captions & tags too

Stemming: I'm bad at this, note to self must add plurals etc. where required.

Overall impact: Yes my screen is calibrated, yes I use post processing (Lightroom 90%, PSE 10%). The problem here is one of personal style, perhaps it's my personality but I quite like a slightly dark image. But if that's not what the customer wants I'll change my style!!! It was really helpful to have this feedback particularly as it was so consistent through all the comments.


Secondly, I'm truly sorry to have started yet another flame war, but I didn't think I had left an incendiary device in my post.


Once again thank you all for your contributions, greenies all round.



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23 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:

Russell, so far the comments on your images and tags have been spot on. 


I know about English weather, since I lived there for 7 years. But you are consistently shooting subjects that call for good light on dark, overcast days. Also, I'm not  sure you do any PP at all; everything looks flat and dull. 




spot on - images are underexposed and flat - at least the there pages i viewed are 

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